Vietnamese Spring Roll with A Twist

by 1 April 29, 2016


Vietnamese Spring Roll with A Twist

Now if you've ever wanted to have something really refreshing and wasn't sure what, then I have something really yummo for you.

My picture of Vietnamese Spring Roll with A Twist is really for those nice Summer days on a picnic in the park or down near the beach with family or with that special someone, you know who you are MT :-)

This is sooo easy to make and quick. The hardest part is battling with the rice paper. This isn't an original recipe by far but my "twist" on it.


Rice Paper Rolls




White Pepper


Cherry Tomatoes

Shredded Chicken or most use Prawns

Soy Sauce and Fish mixed together, with Chlli Flakes

(Special Ingredient) Ginger Slices

pickled ginger slices


Simply chop all of what is needed up as suits in the quantities you desire, based on how many people.

I suggest using 2 Rice Paper Rolls as they are thicker for when you roll up the ingredients. I found that only using one that it was too thin and fell apart. The worst thing was that I had to make another one, damn, and try again :-)

Once rolled you can use the Soy and Fish Sauces with Chilli as a dipping sauce or drizzle a bit over the ingredients before wrapping, all up to you.

Have fun and hope you enjoy baaabeeeee :-)



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