A Carrot A Day, The Real Benefits of Carrots

by 2 November 09, 2013

Make sure to follow us on facebook so you don’t miss our latest updates! carrots   When you mother told you to eat your carrots, because they are good for you did you? Do you eat carrots now? Other than a stray one, that might be hanging out at the bottom of the salad? You really should incorporate more carrots into your diet. Your mother probably told you they give you good eyesight, and she wasn't exactly lying. Carrots are a vitamin-rich root vegetable. You can find carrots in a variety of colors besides traditional orange, including yellow, red and purple. Carrots can be enjoyed raw or cooked or in juices and smoothies. This nutritious vegetable provides many health benefits. Vitamin A Just one medium carrot has an astonishing 204% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin A, which is a vitamin that is found in both plant- based foods and some animals. When we are talking about plant-based Vitamin A, it is important to note that the vitamin is actually produced by your body using beta-carotene. The particular vitamins is also called retinol, and just like your mother told you, this vitamin, is key to healthy eyes. It provides necessary moisture, and helps your eyes maintain the ability to adjust in different lighting situations. Vitamins C and K Carrots are also an incredible source of vitamins C and K. Vitamin K Helps to maintain blood's ability to clot. It is also helpful in maintaining kidney health and strengthens bones. Just one medium size carrot has almost 8 mg of vitamin K and 6% of your daily requirement of vitamin C, which is important to a healthy immune system as well as strong teeth and gums. Oh, and vitamin C, is also essential in fighting off free radicals and absorbing iron. Fiber Fiber is one of the three kinds of nutritional carbohydrates, they are your body's main energy source. But, fiber is probably best for its ability to promote regular bowel movements. However is also keep in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and is shown to be crucial in maintaining a healthy weight. One medium sized carrot has about 2 grams of fiber, which is about 7% of the recommended daily allowance. Need help with what foods have the most fiber? Here is a handy chart that tells you the fiber counts for a lot of different foods. Potassium If you need to raise your potassium levels, you need carrots. There are many reasons why you may need to up your potassium intake, and they can range from lowered potassium levels due to certain medications to women needing to up their level to help alleviate cramps due to menstrual period. Just one medium sized carrot has 400 mg of potassium. The Institute of Medicine recommends that 4,700 mg of potassium should be consumed by adults daily. Potassium regulates your electrolyte absorption and may help reduce your risk of stroke, high blood pressure and anxiety. As you can see, there are many reasons why you should eat a carrot every day. Besides, they are pretty tasty.  Image: color line      



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